Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well, today... was not the best of days, though better than yesterday. See, I had a sore throat... that escalated into a cough and runny nose... and perhaps a low fever last night. Today, the sore throat is gone, the coughing is lessened, the runny nose is lessened, and if there was a fever, that is gone too.

Needless to say, I sound nasaly and I can't sing very well... or talk for that matter. It's dreadful. So, that's really all that is going on.... WAIT!!! I just got a package from my mommy!! I got a new camera!!! It's SOOO cool!!! It's got a place on the front so you can see what you're taking when you are looking at the front, and it's touch screen, and has a border of red! I'm excited. I love my mommy. :)

On that note... here's some pics!

My desk in my dorm. :)

My drawers... and poster... and snack/breakfast stuff... oh! And my red lamp. haha! :)

Me... testing my new camera... It's not a TERRIBLE picture...

Friday, August 27, 2010

It's funny, isn't it...

It's funny, isn't it, that for so long, when asked how we are doing, we smile and exclaim, "Good!" when in all reality we are falling apart.

It's funny, isn't it, that when we claim to be "real" we can't even tell anyone that we just want to quit.

It's funny, isn't it, that when we ask how someone is doing, we don't really care.

It's funny, isn't it, that we think we are being so kind and caring, but we don't even say hi to the person sitting alone.

It's funny, isn't it, that most people feel like nobody really cares.

It's funny, isn't it, that most people really don't care.

It's funny, isn't it, that we claim to be the body of Christ, yet we don't move out of our comfort zone.

It's funny, isn't it, how people everyday come closer to giving up and loosing all hope, because they feel they are worthless.

It's funny... isn't it?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fianally, my world is shrinking!

Okay... that probably sounds really weird. But I am SO happy about it! I have a speech class with someone I met LONG ago, and a few doors down is someone I used to hang out with at Bandina (church camp)! I also ran into one of the guys that went to Saturn Road. :) Of course, it helps that I've been to all of my classes and I am learning my way around the campus better. I've also noticed, that as all this is happening, my confidence has been growing! Maybe I'll put myself out there before the week ends... or... next week... hahaha!

Anyway, I went to my kinesiology, or wellness, class and the teacher is funny! So, I am actually excited about it! I know right! Who would be excited about a class where you either work out, or have lectures about how to be well? But I am! I think that the way a teacher presents him or herself, and how they approach and conduct their class, has a lot to do with weather I'm going to like it or not. What is really funny though, is my speech, or communications, teacher is my kinesiology teacher's brother. And they are alike in how they deal with their classes. Therefore, I am, surprisingly, excited about speech! I have a feeling that Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be my fun days. Haha!

Unfortunately, though, I have to go out and buy a BUNCH of stuff for my art class tomorrow. Ugh. Though the funny thing is, my teacher grew up and went to church where I did... er... do.. something... ANYWAY! Haha! So, that is pretty cool. :) I'd better go get those before the store closes... *sigh*

But anyway, overall today was a really good day! Thank you, God! ^.^ Well, ta ta for now!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

On My Own...

So... my parents just left. Yeah... My dorm room looks great though! I honestly don't really know what to say... I already miss them... but I think that if I keep myself occupied.. like writing this... for now, I can keep calm. Unfortunately... I really don't know what to say... At least my bed is comfortable! Haha!

Well... I guess I'll go then...


My lovely sister

My wonderful father

My beautiful Mother. :)

I miss you all!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A leap of faith... amongst other things.

Well... tomorrow is THE DAY. I take one of the biggest leaps of my life tomorrow. Needless to say, I am UBERLY nervous!! All of my clothes are packed and my closet is looking very empty! I can't believe it's happening! I am SO scared... though I know I'll be fine. It's just... wow... That is really all I can say right now. Thankfully, I got my car to rigged to play my ipod a while back, or this would be a LONG trip. lol!

Well... wish me luck. I'm going to need it. Hahaha!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Yesterday my sister, Meredith, started school. I know, what's the big deal? Well, she and I went to the same campus for the past four years. She is in middle school, but it's a private school so kids from preschool to seniors are all on the same campus. So when she went off to school yesterday and I didn't go with her, it felt really weird! Today still felt weird. Though I am glad to be out of the uniforms. Hahaha!

Anyway, while Meredith was at school, my friend and I decorated shoes and shirts! I was impressed at how well mine came out! And I learned exactly how to spray-paint. lol! So now I think I'll get some shoes to decorate for myself... when I get up enough money again. As for the spray-painting, I'm going to finally do a piece of art with it that I've been wanting to do for a while.

In other news (lol!), Cris, my wonderful boyfriend, is coming back today! I'm ecstatic. Haha! It's only six days until I leave for college and he will be here for them. :) *shudders* Six days... WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?! v.v# At least I've got everything... I think... O.o This is nerve-racking. Though the funny thing is, my mom is nervous too. Though she is more nervous that she is going to run into someone she went to college with and won't remember who they are. Yes, I am going to the college my mom went to. It's a good, and beautiful, college! :D My aunt's both went there as well. So... it's kind of a family thing. On my mom's side anyway. Though my mom would've have been okay if I had gone somewhere else. But Harding feels like home, so that is where I'm going. However, right now, I am REALLY nervous.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be fine. :) But I'm really stoked about seeing Cris. XD

Well, Too-del-ee-do! (Hahaha! XD)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

La De Da De Da...

Okay... so, today I was really sluggish! I don't know why. I mean, I was taking a nap earlier because stupid me stayed up until two last night. Anyway, I woke up to my mom coming in my room, but I woke from a semi-nightmare and I couldn't even keep my eyes open or talk or lift my head or anything! It was weird...

Though, tomorrow I am going to get my comforter! Yay! And then I am going to go look at the container store and Bed, Bath, and Beyond for some other things for my dorm! :D And hopefully Cris, my boyfriend, will come back soon so I can see him and what not before I leave. :) Which is in like... in a week in a half... O.O But... ya!

Anyway, this is going to be really short as I don't have anything else to say... hahaha! Anyway, peace out peeps! XD

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What? I'm a night person! What can I say?

So you may be wondering why the sam hill I am up at this hour. Well, I'll tell you... I don't know. Hahahaha! But I've been up later, so I think I can handle this. At any rate, as of today (since this is thursday... even if it is in the wee hours of the morning) I move into Harding (Sears Hall! Yay!) in two weeks. Holly cracker jacks. Time just LOVES to speed by me. All I can hope for is that Sunday, and the time when Cris (my wonderful boyfriend) is here, goes very slowly... though I know it won't. That fact just kind of depresses me.

I am SO nervous and SO excited all at the same time!! I mean... Harding is going to be GREAT! I know it is... but... I've only taken one trip all by my lonesome, and.. well.. it wasn't the greatest experience of my life. I was glad I did it... but yeesh! Of course, I didn't know a single person on that trip. I don't know, I guess I'm just freaking out about not having my parents close any longer. They'll be six hours away! And what am I going to do for money?! My mom and I decided that the first semester I shouldn't have a job as it could add on to the anxiety and stress. But I keep thinking that I won't have any money and therefore won't be able to do anything. I'm probably just freaking out over nothing. But it still is a thought! The other thing is... I don't even know where to begin or how to pack! I look around my room and start freaking out a little. I need to calm down. lol!

Tomorrow, however, I am going to go to Best Buy to see about me getting a new laptop for college since I currently only have a desktop. lol! The one I'm hoping to get is red and black, has a webcam, windows 7, AND a blue-ray player. :) It's exciting. :D hahaha! I really hope that I can get Photoshop CS3 as well. That would be AWESOME!! :D And I need a small, but really good, printer. Gr.. AND I still haven't gotten a comforter... or ways to decorate my walls. This is going to be a difficult two weeks. O.o

On that note, I should probably go to bed seeing as it is just oh... 2:04 in the morning. lol! And so, I shall bid you adieu until next time. :D