Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Events

First off, I just want to say that I have the most wonderful husband in the world!

As yesterday was Valentine's day, my amazing husband had things planned out. He came home, to me almost having the house completely clean (which got finished today), and said that my flowers we still at the store. He just wanted to get home to see me so he didn't stop and get them. (He did have to work late and he did get me some today.)

After I did what I could to finish what I had started, he let me open the package that had come in the day before and he had re-wrapped for me. Inside was the camera case that I'd been wanting!  I was so excited, and this was just the beginning.

Then he took me out to Olive Garden for dinner. It was crazy getting there as there was a wreak along with everyone going out. When we got there, they announced that they had two open cafe tables if anyone wanted to sit there. So, we got to sit down as soon as we got there. We kind of felt bad for everyone that had to wait though. However, I guess they chose to wait.

Once we were done with our delicious Chicken Parmigiana, he took me to the mall. We were so full that when he asked if I wanted dessert, I said maybe later. Of course, later they were closed. Guess we really didn't need that cookie cake slice anyhow.

We meandered around the mall for a bit until he led me into Build-a-Bear. I love the man. There we stuffed, fluffed, dressed, and named our Husky/Wolf, Dallas Winston Ellsworth. Tanner wanted Winston, I was about to name him Hunter, so we settled on Dallas. But I made Winston his middle name for Tanner. ;)

<-- Isn't he adorable?! (Yes, I know. I'm a dork.)

All in all, it was a FANTASTIC Valentine's day.

Unfortunately, I haven't exactly gotten him anything. Besides a organized and clean house! (Which, ironically, we found two houses that we really like that are in our price range! YAY!) I tried to paint him a painting, but it failed epically.. and I was going to make him a heart cookie cake, but I didn't have a heart shaped pan and I figured he'd like the painting better because it would never go away. I may still make him the cookie.. icing and all.

Happy Valentine's Day (yesterday) to all!

Keep on keeping on!

A Very Happy Wife. :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Joys of House Searching...

As some of you already know, my husband and I are searching for a house. We are already paying 700 a month, so why not get a place we could call our own? Plus, then we would have our parking and we wouldn't be able to hear through the walls. (Ugh.) Thus, the search began. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly difficult. We don't have a very large budget and the houses here are way overpriced. So, finding what we want in the price range we are comfortable with is difficult in of itself.

We found a couple houses that we liked, but both of them recently went pending, meaning someone is in the process of buying it. We were going to look at houses yesterday, but our realtor texted me because she got rear-ended! It was terrible! I felt so bad for her and I'm praying that she is okay!

So, here I am today, feeling like perhaps I've hit a wall. I've been asking myself, "Is this a sign that we aren't supposed to move right now? Should I just stop looking?"

It doesn't help that we were tight on money there for a week and I'm still feeling the weight of that. It's that feeling of not being able to buy anything because we can't afford it. I look at the people around us and wonder how they got to where they are and when we will get there! I'm trying to do everything that I can, but sometimes it feels like no matter what we do, it's not enough.

I know that I need to just lean heavily on God and give everything to Him. He knows what is best and when I have completely relied on Him, things turn out for the better. Perhaps I have just been lacking in that area recently. It's a lot easier to say "Give it all to God" than it is to do. Maybe that's my problem. I know I should, but maybe I'm just not doing it.

I need to stop worrying about money and the house search and everything that has to do with my "new business". (I became an Independent Scentsy Consultant back on the 18th! Which I am super excited about!) Perhaps if I just let everything go and have complete faith that God will take care of everything, things will start falling into place. I'm 100% sure I'll feel better.

It's just so hard to stop worrying...

God is in control. He has a plan. I have got to rely upon Him. God is good all the time.

Keep on keeping on. <3