Saturday, April 22, 2017

Satisfying the Ache

My fingers are itching to type.
They miss writing.
They crave making sentences.
My fingers ache for the keyboard.
The yearn for the feeling of keys underneath them.
My ears long for the clicking sound of nails typing.
I can't seem to shake this feeling.
I can't seem to satisfy the ache.
I can't seem to fill the ache to create.
There is something about computer keys.
There is something about the feeling of my fingers flying across the keys and seeing thoughts formed into coherency on the screen.
I have this need to create, a need that can't stay dormant for long.
My heart yearns for fulfillment of this need.
I can't shake it.
I can't push it away.
I must create.
I must write.
I must type.
My fingers find the right letters automatically.
The fly across the board as if they have wings or a mind of their own.
Oh that feeling when they type.
Oh the bliss of creating something wonderful.
Oh the feeling of accomplishment when the paragraphs are written.
How my fingers ache to create, to type.

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