Monday, December 8, 2014

I Want to Eat.

So, I've been counting calories. Again. This time my goal is 1100 calories a day. If I keep it up, it shouldn't be too long before I hit my goal weight.

However, I really just want to eat. Cupcakes and pizza and nachos and hot dogs... Do y'all know how many calories those are?! A hot dog with nothing on it is 297 calories. An OUNCE of spaghetti is 100 calories! Honestly, why are they so high in calories?! Couldn't losing weight be simpler?

Granted I haven't done a whole lot of research and I've only been doing this a week, but come on! Thankfully, I will be getting my list of food intolerances pretty soon. That will help a LOT! Then I will have a different reason for not being able to eat certain foods than they just come with an enormous amount of calories.

Of course, then I will have to work around all of that to figure out what to buy at the grocery store and what meals we can eat.

I am just ready for Christmas. I've decided that is my one day (perhaps days) that I will not concern myself with calories or intolerances! All I shall concern myself with is spending time with my family. Even if it's snowing and insanely cold outside. Did I mention we are going to Ohio this year? Yeah. I'll be shipped back as a human ice cube.

Stay warm! ;)

(Also, if y'all have any low calorie recipes, I'd love to know about them! Thanks! :D )

Update 12/9:

I have lost 3 pounds in two weeks as of today! I'm out of the 180s! Needless to say, I am doing my happy dance. Woo hoo!!