Thursday, February 11, 2016

What. A. Day.

Today is probably one of the best days of my life. When I woke up this morning, I had no idea what was going to happen.I do know that God orchestrated it all. Let me tell you how my morning went:

Tanner woke up before me as usual, but crawled back in bed after his shower and cuddled with me until after I should have gotten up. When you have a warm bed and a snugly husband, it's hard to get up! :P So the morning was off to a good start despite the part where I left 30 minutes after I should have. I didn't have any breakfast or lunch planned so I thought about running to Rouse's on my way since it was on my to work. I almost didn't go.

I got into my routine mindset and past up the first entrance like any other day. I thought about just coming back later. As I pulled up to intersection, however, I decided I would just go to the store and get it over with. Inside the store, I found some of the things I wanted, but was starting to get antsy because I was taking WAY too long. I checked out quickly and headed out to my car.

I was almost to my door when someone called out to me. I turned expecting it to be someone looking for money or something. Boy was I shocked when I saw a woman and two men, one with a camera, headed towards me. She introduced herself as Julie from KLFY (local news station here), one of the men was Mr. Giles, owner of Giles automotive (and Riverside's neighbor), and her camera man. Then she said the best part. They were the Pay It Forward crew. Mr. Giles wanted to give back to the community that had given so much to him. They asked if I knew someone who could use $500. I told them I did know people who could as I worked at a church, but I didn't know "which one". In reality, I was having a hard time thinking of a name. Not two seconds later and I thought of our outreach minister, Danny Hebert.

They told me they would follow me over to Riverside since I thought that was probably where he was. He wasn't there though. I texted him, but before he could get it, he pulled in. We let him go inside and then we started walking up. He ended up coming back outside.

She told him who she was and that we had something to give to him. Mr. Giles handed him the envelope and as soon as Danny opened it and saw the $500, he went speechless. It was an awesome moment.

But it didn't end there. They went inside and filmed Danny doing his thing. After a while, they called me in to do the thank you and such. Mr. Giles noticed I had a spare on my car and asked if I had a flat. I told him I had gotten a flat about a week ago and was waiting on the tire to come in. To which he responded, "Bring it over when the tire comes in and I'll put it on for free." I was shocked and thanked him and told him how much I appreciated it. Danny then told me he appreciated me recommending him and that he appreciated it.

Then, he held out his hand and shook mine, giving me the money that was in his hand. I thought it was some of what he had been given and was shocked and wanted to give it back, but I knew he would insist I keep it. Julie had no idea what was happening so Danny told her.

Apparently, while they were in the kitchen, Mr. Giles had asked what all he might do with the money. Danny had told him he was probably doing to give some to me since he thought I needed it too. Mr. Giles then told him to keep his portion. He gave Danny $500 to give to me.

I was stunned. I didn't even know what to do. I was so happy. Tears started falling and Julie asked if I was okay and hugged me. I told her I was awesome and I was just so grateful. $500 would really help. She then asked what was going on in my life and I told her about Tanner being a machinist and that a lot of his work comes from the oil field (which we had talked about the decline of that and how it had affected the people and the church) and that Tanner just went back to school as well. When asked what I might do with it, I told them God gets his cut first and then the rest would probably go towards paying off debt.

I am blown away. I have no words other than God is AWESOME.

The best part is, Julie told me that they pray for God to lead them to the right person before they go out every time. Knowing that, I have great confidence is saying that God planned this out and made it all work perfectly. I am still floored.


(P.S. this will be on TV in about two weeks! AHH!)