Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Long Distance Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day all!

It's Tanner and my first Valentine's day. It's exciting! But as he's in Ohio, it's a little strange. Let me just tell you right now if you didn't already know. Long distance is rough! It's hard, and saddening at times and you just want to be together, but you're miles apart! It does make the relationship stronger though.

But anyway, Tanner called me this morning as he was headed to class and wished me Happy Valentine's Day. Totally made my whole day. I couldn't stop smiling all morning! He he! Even though we are far apart, he still makes me smile and my heart leap with joy. :)

Tanner, I love you and I can't wait until March 2nd and I get to see you! <3

Keep on keeping on,


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