Friday, July 24, 2015

Too Close For Comfort

There was a tragedy last night. Tanner and I were at home when we saw the news on Facebook. Someone decided that shooting at a theater was a good idea. It's awful and terrible and incredibly sad.

It scares me. It wasn't just any theater. It was the one here in Lafayette. Just a few miles away from our cozy house, our friends; in our community. Several people were injured and a two lost their lives to this madness. The shooter turned the gun on himself and ended his life as well.

We weren't there last night, but if we had gone to the movies, the Grand 16 on Johnston Street is the theater we would have gone to. In fact, we were just there on Sunday watching Ant-Man. I am deeply saddened by what happened. I can't look at the news on Facebook and not tear up. My heart sinks for the victims and those that were witnesses.

Thank God for the person that was able to pull the fire alarm and get everyone else out safely. Thank God for the people who helped the injured. Thank God for our police men and women and those that serve our community. Thank God that there weren't any more casualties than there were.

I don't know why a 59 year old man from Alabama came to a theater in Louisiana with a gun and started shooting. I do know, however, that the gun he had isn't the problem.

Guns can not shoot themselves. Guns can not make a person do anything. MAN shoots a gun. MAN uses them for evil. MAN commits SIN.

Just like you can't blame a pencil for misspelling words, you can't blame a gun for shooting. It is MAN that picks it up, aims, and pulls the trigger.

A gun is a tool, just like a hammer, and screwdriver, and a knife.

Please pray for the community of Lafayette, Louisiana. Pray for the families of the victims. Pray for healing. Pray for wisdom. Pray for peace.

Good is good. His love endures forever. Amen.


  1. It's weird. Now that I know how close you actually were the feelings I have are so wildly different. I know we all are desensitized (sp?) a bit. This crazy stuff happens so often but for the majority of us it's always somewhere else; where we didn't know anyone. It sort of becomes like watching a movie. You pray of course because you know it's real but in a sense it just doesn't hit home. That saddens me. To know now how close this was to you. To know it was a theatre that you actually visit. To know that when I prayed last night for the victims and I tried to imagine that it could have been a husband watching his wife die. Or an older couple out celebrating an anniversary. Or a young couple on their first date. I tried to imagine these things so the prayer would become more real; more heartfelt. But now to know it was that close to two people of love with all my heart draws me into an emotion I don't think I was ready to face. THANK GOD you are safe. I am so sorry for those who are not. For those who have to endure this stupidity and horror. If by any chance you come across anyone that was closely affected by this (I mean directly) please pass on my love from Ohio and hug Tanner for me.

    1. I know what you mean. I sometimes think we desensitize ourselves as a defense mechanism. I did the same last night, but it hit me this morning. :P
      I will absolutely pass on your love and hug Tanner. :) We love you lots, Jeff! :) I'm so glad I know you. :)