Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It's Just a Number.

Weight. For a female, it's one of the biggest things on our mind. For a lot of us, every morning we get up, step on that dreaded scale and see what the number is, praying it has gone down even just a little.

We hide that number, don't we? We don't want anyone to know how much we weigh. It's the unaskable question. Everyone talks about losing it or how they've gained it, but no one dares utter how much. (Unless it's a weight loss campaign or something.)

Here's what I've come to conclude. It's just a number.

Would I love to loose weight? Yes! Would I feel better about being lighter? Absolutely!  Do I need to eat healthy and exercise? Very yes!

Am I going to be ashamed of the number on that scale if it's higher then I think it needs to be? Not a chance.

I remember the first time I started loosing weight. I was so excited. I was telling some fellow young women about it and saying how much I started out weighing (185) and how much I had lost (20 lbs) bringing me to what I weight at that time (165)! I didn't pay attention if there were guy around me. (I married. Who do I have to impress but my husband? :P ) One of the girls finally said, "I love how you just say your weight."

I almost had to stop for a second and think about it. I occurred to me that while I did care about being healthy and getting to a healthy weight, I didn't care who knew how much I weighed.

So, my fellow women, I encourage you not see the number on the scale and feel like you are not good enough or pretty enough or whatever enough! It's just a number! What really matters is what is in your heart, where your treasures lie!

What you see on that "dreaded scale", it's just a number. It doesn't define you.

(Please note that I DO condone healthy eating and exercise! I need to do more of it myself! (Ugh.))

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