Friday, June 6, 2014


Recently I ordered a box from a few subscription box places! For two of them, I made an unboxing video! The boxes I got were a Madame Ladybug box (, a Bonjour Jolie Mystery Box (, and a Julep box (!

Madame Ladybug is a time of the month box with extras to pamper yourself with. Bonjour Jolie is also a time of the month box but the box I got was a limited time Mystery Box in which they put things they had left over from other boxes and things that didn't make it into their normal boxes for some reason. Julep, however, is a beauty type box. I got their summer box which had nail polish and make-up inside.

I was really impressed by the things in these boxes! If I could, I'd get subscription boxes every month!!

So, here are the things I got in my boxes!

This is the video from my Bonjour Jolie Mystery Box Unboxing!

There were SO many great things in the box! And I LOVE how it was packed full of stuff! I was so happy to get the jewelry! I had just said earlier that week that I didn't have ANY gold-type necklaces!

As for my Julep box...

From left to right: Yellow nail polish, eyeliner sharpener, eyeliner (black on one side, brown on the other), gold nail polish, silver sparkle nail polish, aqua green nail polish, orange nail polish, pink purple nail polish, lipgloss, and two buffer blocks!

I LOVE the eyeliner (and sharpener!) as well as the lipgloss! I haven't tried any of the nail polishes yet, but I am loving the gold and silver colors! The ones in the three pack look very nice as well; I just don't see myself wearing them as often.

And last, but certainly not least, my Madame Ladybug box.

Unfortunately, I had some technical issues and thus the video is not a true unboxing. Love everything that came in this one as well! Most of the food is already gone! Haha!

Go check out these boxes for yourself and tell me what you think!!

Keep on keeping on!

<3 Elisabeth

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