Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! (Belated Thanksgiving, rather..)

I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving! I've been married for two months and it's almost Christmas! Time just keeps on flying by! I remember the days when each day dragged on for waht seemed to be forever. Where did those days go?

In other news, two weekends ago, my wonderful husband and I went to a marriage seminar. (Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas to be exact.) It was amazing! I seriously think anyone even thinking about getting married in the future should go! Gary has a way of putting things in a different light and thinking about things in a new way, a GODLY way. It was really eye opening.

One of the things that he said that really stuck with me is that marriage is the biggest challenge a person can face spiritually. People never really see it that way. Most people think that they are in love and they will get married and everything will get easier from there. However, things just get harder. It's really true if you think about it. Once you start living with someone, those little things that once attracted you to that person start to get on your nerves. The hard thing is though, that, for a good relationship, you can't make them change. You, yourself, have to learn to live with it and deal with it in a Godly way. That is truely a BIG challenge.

All that being said, Tanner and I are in Dallas celebrating with our family. It's really good to spend time with everyone and have more than just a weekend to be together. Of course, as like every other year, we have all eaten way too much of the many delicious foods that entered into our house for lunch. Not that being too full stops any of us from eating more. It's all just so good! I think, though, that we shall be sent home with many leftovers.. If they survive the long journey back that is.

Speaking of going home, I get to put up our first Christmas tree when we get home! I'm acctually pretty excited. We got a pre-lit, six foot tree for fifty bucks. It was pretty awesome. We got some solid colored ornaments for it, until we fill it up with ornaments that mean more to us, and a nice lighted topper. I'm really excited to put it up. Though I can't decide if I should wait for Tanner to help or just do it myself. I should probably ask his oppinion beofre I do anything. :P

I've acctually gotten several gifts already picked out and ready to be wrapped. It's pretty cool. I've still got a month left and won't have to frantically search for something to get for everyone. Yay!

Well, Keep on keeping on! :)

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