Monday, December 27, 2010

Observations of the day...

Well, I've been back home for over a week now. Cris came in the night of the 23rd. I didn't see him on Christmas and he left today. Christmas was fun and I got a lot of things I had been hoping to get. I got to see my best friends on Sunday, which was exciting, along with Cris. I spent most of Sunday and a few hours today with him.

The first time he left for Lubbock, I cried my eyes out for a good while. The second time I did the same. The third he left from visiting me at college and I cried for a bit. The fourth we went in opposite directions from here and I tried not to let my friend in the passenger seat see me cry. The fifth, I cried but tried to distract myself with my music. The sixth, I didn't cry much. But today, I am sad, but I have no urge to cry. Maybe this is getting easier. Maybe it's that I know I'll see him again in about 3 days instead of weeks on end. Whatever it is, I'm glad I'm not crying. I miss him like crazy, this is true, but I know that I'll see him soon and that he loves me immensely.


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