Monday, April 12, 2010


So... Tody we had Justin Lucado speak in chapel. I was excited when I heard it was him because I read his book, Dateable. He talked about how guys and girls ate different and gave us a few pointers and some advice... Like "if you would be uncomfortable telling your granny what you did and in detail... You shouldn't do it." He also gave some ideas on how to get out of a situation that feels uncomfortable and how to mess with a guys head. :)

Well, later I heard a girl say that he was stupid and that all guys aren't going to tell everyone everything he does with a girl. So I thought about it and this is my response:

It's true... He won't tell EVERYTHING... just the physical stuff. And he won't tell EVERYONE... just his friends. And okay... So maybe not ALL guys do that... But 99.9% do. So I ask you to ask yourself something... Are you going to listen to yourself, guys who will lie to you to get with you, or someone who isn't afraid to tell you the truth and who has experience about it all?

Personally, I'm taking his advice. And I have ever since I read his book. I am now going to start asking myself what he asks himself: Is it Holy? It is a great question and it's better than, is it okay? Because I don't want to be just okay. God calls us to be different, set apart from the world... HOLY. I know that I am going to mess up... Everyone does. But that shouldn't keep me from striving to be holy. And that is what I intend on doing.

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