Thursday, March 12, 2015

Devotional Writing Block

I am working on the devotional thoughts for the Girl's Night for our teen girls. I have tried two different topics. Both times I have gotten two paragraphs in and realized that it sounds more like a speech and/or blog than it does a devotional. There are no discussion questions. While it would be good, I don't want to preach at them. They didn't come to Girl's Night for a sermon, and our goal for the night is to get them to bond. Bonding doesn't happen while your sitting and listening to someone talk.

I am at a loss of what to do. I want to talk about this topic, but I can't seem to not write anything but a speech/blog. Granted I would absolutely LOVE to give a speech, but this isn't the audience, the time, or the place. Tanner said he had the same problem when he started preparing devotionals and it just takes practice. The problem with this: I am a perfectionist. It's a flaw, I know. I don't want to go into this with something that is more speech than it is discussion. I know I will lose their interest. They must interact!


The point I want to get across is that they are the bride of Christ and they don't need to look for love elsewhere because they have the perfect love from God. He is the lover of their soul. I even have a song I was going to reference (Who I Am by Blanca).

My brain just does not want to come up with questions that would lead to that point. I've come up with a great start to a speech/blog though!


Feel free to leave ideas in the comments! Your thoughts are appreciated!


  1. What causes girls to seek attention from boys? (Desire for love.)
    What is the greatest love there is? (Scripture ref: no greater love than this...)
    What will real love sacrifice?
    Who has made the greatest sacrifice out of love for you?
    What counterfeit does Satan offer for love?
    Did God give girls the desire for a guy's love?
    Does loving God and being obedient to Him make you more or less able to find the kind of love with a guy your heart desires?

    1. Thank you! These questions really helped! (Sorry for the late reply!)